Looking for Lydia: encounters that shape the Church

In the summer of 2018, Sally sat down to write her and Dave’s memoirs of over 20 years of church ministry in the East End of London. Their memories are woven into a much older story – that of Paul’s missionary journeys in the Book of Acts. The result is a book - ‘Looking for Lydia’ which recalls encounters with people who shaped how they began to understand the reach of the Gospel, the mission of the Church, and their own call as ministers.

These pictures, maps and photos accompany the book.

Copies are available to buy at a reduced prince from Bonny Downs Church office in the Well Community Centre, Vicarage Lane, East Ham, or directly from Amazon and Kindle.

Recommendation from Steve Chalke:

"Sally and Dave love their community. They have a jealous passion to see it thrive. They have resilience which comes from long-term commitment; knowing their dreams of what God might do will take more than a few years of committed service, but decades, and perhaps generations, to achieve. They seek deep transformation in the places they serve – bringing structural changes like good education, just governance, and improving the health and well-being of all their neighbours. Alongside this they have built lively, inclusive, Christian congregations. We should listen to their story"



Bonny Downs Map 1880

Bonny Downs Map 1885

Charles Howe

Children's outing to Theydon Bois 1906

Adult reading class in the old rag shop

Tribley family with Rose (bottom left)

Rose Tribley

Wellstead Road Community Centre

Singing while we work 1999 (unlucky for some)

Opening of Bonny Downs Mission Hall

Church members first visit to The Well

Bonny Downs Church Members (Rose

Building work underway 1999

Flanders Field 1999

Our first (secondhand) tractor

Flanders Field restored

Jonny's Baptism 2012

Sally Speaks at an interfaith celebration

Bobby Moore Pavilion opening 2009

Jonny's Baptism 2012

Staking the ground Lyle Park April 2014

Our daughter Lizi (centre) working on BV Summer Scheme

Flanders Field Community Garden

Mike Baptism on the Thames April 2014

Sall's ordination with Rev Dr Pat Took

Angie gives Dave Quinn the keys to his flat

RDCC Leadership Team commissioning

Urbanchangemakers Graduation at Royal Docks Church

Steve Chalke and RDCC Associate Pastor

NEWway volunteers October 2018

Communion in the park October 2017

BV Summer Scheme

BV Hall

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