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From the very beginning, mission has been a core focus of our congregation. 

When our church was established in 1908 members led free adult literacy classes, holidays for poor families and alcohol addiction support groups. Throughout The Blitz they comforted the bereaved and supported those whose homes had been destroyed in the bombing.



Fast forward to 1998 - our church members founded a registered charity called Bonny Downs Community Association (BDCA) with a vision to regenerate derelict local spaces into facilities for the community. Over the years BDCA has transformed 4 local venues which now host a growing range of community projects: Elders, Children & Families, Youth, FoodPoverty Response and Sports. BDCA is a separate organisation from Bonny Downs Church but we work in close partnership and actively support their work. For example, many of their trustees, staff, volunteers and project users are drawn from our congregation, we collaboratively deliver a foodbank service together and we offer pastoral care and prayer support for their team members. For more information please refer to 

NEWway Night Shelter

In 2013, Bonny Downs Church members Angie, Matthew and Jonny played a key role in bringing together local Christian leaders across the borough to form the NEWway Project in response to the rising levels of homelessness in our area. By working together across denominational divides, we launched an inter church night shelter and advocacy service to support local rough sleepers throughout the coldest months of the year. Bonny Downs Church signed up to become one of the initial 7 host church venues during the pilot circuit and we have enjoyed serving as part of this project every winter since. Each year, our team of volunteers open the old church hall for one night per week and provide a safe place to sleep, a nutritious meal and friendly conversation for the 15 homeless guests.

Alongside the NEWdawn night shelter, we host and help to run the NEWday centre offering homeless and vulnerably housed people a place of purpose and belonging. For more information about the impact of this ministry or how to signpost people in need, please refer to


We are praying for the day when these crisis support services are no longer needed in our area but, until then, we’re glad to be playing a role in tackling local injustice and poverty.

If you are interested in getting involved in these local mission projects, please contact for more information.


Overseas Support

As a church we also support a number of other charities and mission projects around the world including: Forgotten People’s Project (building schools and community facilities in rural Uganda) and Casa Haralui (a respite centre in Romania for disabled children and disadvantaged families). 

We give away 10% of all pour church income to other charities and causes.

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