Young leaders helping to run the 'Go Wild' Summer Scheme

Dave & Sally Mann pastored Bonny Downs Baptist Church between 1997–2007 and then moved to the south of the borough to grow our sister congregation Royal Docks Community Church in 2008. With this congregation now firmly established and flourishing, they were called to Co-Pastor both congregations in December 2014.

Sally’s family have been worshipping at Bonny Downs Church for 5 generations and she has herself been ministering to the community here for over 30 years. Sally has a PHD in Philosophy & Theology and is a Sociology Lecturer at Greenwich University so she is particularly dedicated to overseeing our church’s teaching ministry. She is an accredited Baptist Minister and active supporter of Accepting Evangelicals.


Dave is also an accredited Bapitst Minister and is an experienced and passionate community development activist. Under his leadership, Bonny Downs Church launched the Bonny Downs Community Association (BDCA) charity which has been making a significant local impact since 1998. He now helps to lead several projects across the borough that address local needs and empower people to fulfil their God given potential, including: BDCA, West Silvertown Foundation, Bridges and Oasis Academy Silvertown. At Bonny Downs Church, Dave’s focus is on pastoral care and community regeneration. 

Sally and Dave are directors of Red Letter Christians UK, aiming to give a voice to local churches working for Jesus and justice


Jonny joined our leadership team in 2017 and was commissioned in 2020 to be our Assistant Pastor. Jonny is passionate and dedicated about finding ways to support the growing number of homeless people in our community.

In January 2019 Jonny took on The Community Chaplaincy role. This is two-fold role. The first aspect of the role will involve providing opportunities for those we meet and journey with in midweek ministries (such as the NEWway night shelter, NEWday advice centre, and Foodbank), to connect with spirituality. Instead of just doing ‘good work’, Jonny is passionate about keeping our Christian faith at the heart of what we do and why we do it. He will therefore be looking to run a series of courses (such as Alpha and the Bible Course) where people can hear about and discuss the Christian faith in a safe, non-judgemental environment. 


Jonny has also created a sacred space, for people in our church and wider community to spend time connecting with themselves and God. With Bonny Downs being a church full of do-ers, his heart is that we become a community of what Thomas Merton calls, ‘contemplative activists’, whereby our internal spiritual and emotional wellbeing is linked to our role in creating positive change in the outer world. To do this, we will be opening Bonny Downs Church Hall during the week, creating a space for us to encounter God using a mixture of prayer, silence, contemplation, and creative means.

Click on the link below to find out more about what Jonny does within the community:

Our Steering Team


Sarah is our Church Administrator and Treasurer and is our Cultural Inclusion Champion, she is passionate about promoting cohesion and integration within our Church and Community and helps to support local parents who have English as an Additional Language. Sarah is one of the Children & Families Project Coordinators (job sharing with Stacey, please see below) and has a real heart for supporting Children & Families within the local community in helping them to be the best that they can be.


Stacey has a real heart for the community and is passionate about supporting Children and Families within the local Community in helping them to be the best that they can be. Stacey is one of the Children & Families Project Coordinators for Bonny Downs Community Association (job shared with Sarah, please see above)and is also responsible for overseeing our Children & Families Ministry team within the Church, she makes sure our children are inspired to grow in their faith and parents/carers are supported as they go through the challenges and joys of raising their families.

Click on the link below to find out more about what Stacey does within the community:


Errol has a real heart for evangelising to local men and so focuses on coordinating our men’s ministry. Errol is passionate about praying for and encouraging the men within our community and seeing relationships deepen.


Angie is responsible for overseeing the Foodbank and NEWway Night Shelter. Angie has been part of Bonny Downs Church for many years and is passionate about mobilising our congregation to help tackle injustice within our community.

Angie also works for Bonny Downs Community Association helping to support people in our community who are struggling with unemployment, homelessness, food poverty and debt and is dedicated to journeying with people by delivering free services in order to help people move forward out of poverty on a path to dignity and not dependence.


Terri leads our pastoral team & hospitality team and makes sure that everyone who attends our Sunday meetings, night shelter or foodbank centre is shown generosity and love by being given refreshments and a warm welcome.


Philippa.has lived in Newham since 1996 and brought up a family here.

She works in the voluntary sector fundraising, currently for Bonny Downs Community Association and Alternatives Trust East London (both in Newham) and has 10 years experience of school governance, has a voluntary role as the Chair of the board of Eko Trust and is a National Leader of Governance. 

Philippa is a visual artist, completing a Research MA looking at representations of God that are not patriarchal or hierarchical. She also facilitates community art workshops for children and has contributed to the visual arts programme at three Greenbelt festivals.


Philippa iss an active member of the two:23 network


Hannah has a real heart for the community and has a great ability of connecting people. She plans and runs a local forest style toddler group in Central Park alongside mums, dads and Bonny Downs staff. Hannah also works locally for another charity - The Magpie Project which supports mums with under 5 in temporary or unsuitable accommodation or homeless. 


Hannah uses her own experiences with depression to support others. She is an advocate for mental health issues and is passionate about speaking out about her experiences to help others.

"I put my life in Gods hands during my first period of depression back in 2011 and my faith (and church family) has sustained me through many dark times"

Hannah loves this verse from Psalms and prays it daily...

Psalm 31: 14-15
I trust you Lord, I say you are my God, my life is in your hands 

Our Young Leaders

We have a fantastic team of young leaders who work alongside Stacey to plan and lead high quality Sunday School sessions for our 4 – 16 year olds.


Our Volunteers

We also have a wonderful team of volunteers including Linda and Graham who help us manage our finances, ensuring that we are good stewards and generous with our resources and Wendy who keep a loving eye on our Church building.

Our Pastors

Latest News


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